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Young Nude Male Bronze Art - Custom Statue Sculptor

The young male nude form is found in the myths and legends of the gods with its reflections on mortal man. We have several aged patina bronze male statue figures that stand in various erotic poses, as you can see in the photos. Our nude bronze male figures showcase the best in nude male art by posing in various evocative forms.Each bronze piece of artwork is custom sculpted by our team of sculptors and then cast in bronze metal. If you wish to have a statue shaped or altered in a certain and specific way to your liking we will accommodate you in your effort to mold and change a statue to whatever style you prefer, body posture of the subject model can be made according to what you have in mind, or are interested in seeing done by our master sculptor.

Each bronze male figure stands about a foot tall, but can be made any size, with a custom marble or granite stone base to accentuate the statue art. Each custom male statue is unclothed all the way down to their feet, except for a couple of young male statues that are holding a towel or draped clothing material that elegantly floats behind, or to the side of the bronze art figure. Coincidentally all of the nude figures are gazing gracefully and posing with a certain soft and demure tone, but with a shameless confidence and poise. Our stunning bronze art statues effortlessly reflect parts of our lives through the freedom that their open expression represents. Replicating the modern "pretty boy" look through their lean poses as well as their facial expressions, the statue models present their attractive, muscular, and thin body frame showcasing a completely toned body and "six pack", a.k.a. abdominal definition. Notice that their genitals flow and rest down to a classic unerect position therefore softening the composition of each male statue. Artistic natural bronze art statues exude a young and fresh feel that clothed statues can never match. Our erotic bronze statues have an extremely handsome and fresh appearance by posing nude, as if unaware of their surroundings, with no concern of anyone’s presence watching them at all.

With fantastic bronze statues now available on demand to our clients worldwide, our custom statue design team can make any statue for your home with the ability for it to be completed and set in place in a timely manner. Our sculptor's artistic style exudes an erotic feel quite naturally, as if the models, and even the artist, has to be gay. Our custom male bronze art figures will help you compose an incredible interior for any collector's art gallery, or for public, or private art display.

Whether you'd like to order a reproduction of one of our existing bronze figures [in the photos above], or you'd like to commission one of our sculptors to make a custom bronze sculpture for you. Our art department staff is more than able to help you accomplish your custom statue goals. Let us know what size and type of statue you are looking for and we will have it sculpted and made in bronze, carved out of solid marble, cast in aluminum, made in fiberglass, reinforced in concrete, or made of almost any other art medium imaginable! Feel free to contact our art department with any statue art related questions.

Erotic Male Nude Full-Figure Bronze Statues & Wall Art


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