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We can make fraternity or sorority signs carved in any shape, size and style for you uniquely out of a mahogany-like fine grain wood, known as rosewood. We also produce custom carved plaques with unique symbol artwork, logos, family crests, and family coat of arms is also something we can cast in brass, or bronze typically, but also aluminum since its non-corroding and has a beautiful natural metallic silver-white color, revered above gold in the time of Napoleon.

Carved dragon furniture, custom dragon table top design with dragon legs and dragons in the positions and with the unique artistic features that you prefer. We will work off o
f a final sketch with the side views and top views drawn out as a guide for our carvers to build the completed custom dragon table for you. Dragon trunks, or chests, are constructed of four sides and one top side, making five wood carvings that become joined together with an additional four custom dragon corner pieces around each end. You pick the landscape image or artistic details for the two long sides, and the two short sides, plus the table top design and the four corner pieces you decide on, altogether that makes for a nine-piece custom dragon chest, or trunk, carved artwork.

Large standing wood dragons can be made anywhere from about twelve inches tall to over six feet high. The sex of your dragon is also entirely your choice, the level of friendliness, or aggressiveness, is also variable by changing the position of the claws and the amount of teeth exposed by opening or closing the dragon's mouth. Your dragon can be carved with wings or without, standing on two legs or four legs, thicker and more muscular, or longer and more serpent-like. Our staff of carvers also make custom dragon walking sticks according to your design ideas!

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Another custom art service that we offer is dragon ornament sculpting for a custom motorcycle's front fender. We involve you directly in the art process, from the very beginning with original pencil sketches and photographic sources of inspiration for the project, to the various middle stages involving several dragon concept sculptures and then picking a final direction. See one of our projects evolve from mechanical dragon, to wingless dragon, to folded wings dragon, to water dragon, to a more tapered serpent dragon with a long spiked tail that ends smoothly. Note the adoption of dragon tricep muscles, forearm muscles, and shoulder muscles by our sculptor. Plus, watch the dragon's face evolve from undetailed form to a beautiful fantasy dragon with large flaring ears. The dragons's chest quickly became suggestive of the intake valves of a jet airplane for added effect, but had to be toned down in the final version.

Welded steel dragons are the newest type of sculpture art to put outside your home, sure to amplify your yard with the beauty that only a red rusted look can give your house. Other steel animals are also available including: lion, tiger, horse, eagle, pegasus, dinosaurs, etc. Anything you wish to have welded can be made once we know exactly what you are looking for - we can make it for you!



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