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Statuary Art Product Guarantee & Warranty Information

Our art product guarantee and warrant information is different for each different type of product and service due to the unique nature of our company. We stand behind our artworks 100%. We've organized our individual sculpture guarantees separately by material based categories, as seen below.

Carved Marble Guarantee
All marble carvings are guaranteed to be made of the exact type of marble chosen and pre-approved by the client before hand, with no substitutions - unless previously agreed upon. Also, the subject of the marble carvings are chosen by the client and is to be approved by the client before final shipping, if not earlier in the art process. If the various details and aspects of the marble sculpture need to be very elaborately decorated often a clay maquette will need to be produced first to finalize all of the sculpting in a medium that can be adjusted several times, and then the marble artwork is carved beside the clay model. There is an additional charge for sculpting a clay maquette because it involves actually making two sculptures, instead of just one marble carving.

Bronze Art Guarantee
During the art production and approval process we guarantee our clients an integral role, and as much involvement as they wish, in picking the exact subject and composition of the sculpture before the actual bronze casting is done. After casting, the final bronze patina color must be chosen, and will be delivered as such with shipping insurance.

Aluminum Art Casting Guarantee
Artworks cast out of aluminum are guaranteed to be free of cracks in the metal, or other obvious imperfections. If there are any casting issues we will recast the artwork using a backup mold specifically set aside for this purpose. Since aluminum art doesn't need much protection from the elements as it is a non-corrosive metal that will never rust! Whether you want unpolished aluminum, polished aluminum (stained, or unstained) we guarantee to provide you with exactly what you ordered or we will provide you with a replacement piece according to the correct art specifications.

Faux Painting Service Guarantee
Our painting guarantee includes: statuary painting, wall painting, is guaranteed to be free of noticeable paint scratches, sealant cracks, and other discolorations that may occur. The occasional small blemish is unavoidable, however, any major blemish is covered under our faux painting guarantee for repair or replacement of the item. The bottom side of most faux finished statuary remains unpainted unless specified otherwise, and is usually covered with a felt along the bottom surface of the statuary piece instead.

Cast Hydrostone Statuary Guarantee
Statuary that is cast out of hydrostone, plaster, or reinforced cement is guaranteed to be free from imperfections such as cracks, bubbles, and excessive seam lines. Our casting professionals are specially trained to even out any seam lines that occur after the statuary items are removed from the molds from which they are cast. Bubbles that form during casting can leave air pockets that often show on the surface of the statuary will be filled in and sanded until smooth. All of this finish work must be done before any statue painting can occur and is included in the listed price at no additional charge.


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