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Statuary Art Shipping & Handling Information

All statuary is carefully handled at all times and gets packed using multiple layers of bubble wrap, foam board [when necessary], foam peanuts to protect it during transit, and often for fragile artworks foam injection and double boxing - a box inside another box. For medium sized items, and above, we use the "double-box" method to prevent the statuary from breaking because of the sturdiness of two cardboard boxes. This way, if the box is dropped by the shipping company, on a corner (or edge) especially, it damages the outer box only, which is totally expendable. For statuary items that are large enough, and weigh over a certain amount, will be shipped in a carefully packed custom wood crate built to be exactly the right size - and no larger to save on shipping and material costs. If necessary we can arrange for delivery and installment of your statuary order using a forklift for our heavy marble and bronze statue artworks.

Domestic Shipping Options:
- Overnight / Next Day 1-2 days
- Express / Priority 3-4 days
- Standard / Ground 7-10

How to Get an International Shipping Quote:
For orders placed overseas, tell us which items you wish to order and we will provide you with an accurate international art shipping quote. Depending on the part of the world you'd like your order to be delivered, how fast you need it, and your S&H budget, there are usually several options to choose from that range from the most economical: shipping via sea on a cargo ship, using ground shipping services, or shipping overnight via air if you need your statuary order ASAP!

Foam Injected Single Box
Fragile statues, like the winged Arch Angel St. Michael (for example) with its sculpted wings with feathers, usually require foam injection to form a conformed and padded layer and provide the best cushioning possible to prevent any breakage during shipping.

Double Boxed with Foam Sheeting
Medium-sized statuary pieces often require double-boxing, a cardboard box within another cardboard box with a foam sheet sandwiched in the space between the two boxes. The double-box method provides the most protection should it get dropped during delivery.

When to Use a Wood Crate
Often a small, or medium-sized, wood crate is necessary for items that contain glass - or otherwise fragile materials. Often using a wood crate, instead of a cardboard box, saves space on the final dimensions that any shipping company will use to calculate the costs. More often than not, they charge for the size of the item to be shipped more so than basing the price on weight. We determine the right packing option for almost every shipping situation.

Large Wooden Crate [Forklift Required]
For most large statues, columns, fireplaces, etc. a wooden crate must be built to allow for forklift loading and unloading of the statuary item safely from our wharehouse, to the freight carrier truck, then to your delivery location. Reinforcement cross-members are added in various areas of the wood crate if the item(s) being shipped are particularly heavy or bulky. Upon request, you can order an empty wooden crate with an one side open so that you can screw it down later, after you have filled it yourself, and secure it with the right paperwork for pick-up and delivery.

Freight Shipping - No Packing Required
The advantage here is that all packing boxing costs are enterly avoided and any damage that may occurr during shipping to the statuary is immediately visible by the shipper. If any damage actually occurs then the shipment should be refused right on the spot while the delivery person is still there so that they can take it back with them and begin the damage insurance paperwork right away.

Inspect Each Delivery Upon Arrival
Inspect your statuary order while the delivery carrier is still there. If there is any damage to the package you must especially check the condition of the item inside. When any damage is confirmed you must immediately refuse it on the spot, so the shipping insurance process can be expendited, and the shipper can take the package back with them.


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