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Spaceship, Sci-Fi, and UFO Models for Movie and Film

For private collectors we can make a custom sized, or scaled, replica miniature models of any sci-fi, aerospace, nasa and futurist models for individuals or company decoration alike. Whether you need a sci-fi model for your own futuristic UFO display or private sci-fi collection. Anything is possible with our skilled staff or artists and Hollywood model makers. Working in the heart of Los Angeles for over 30 years providing miniature, and exact scale, models to the movie industry and private collectors, displays for restaurants, etc. Virutally all of the miniature model special effects that you've seen in the top grossing movies for the past 25 years have been made in the West Coast of California.

Now during a time of computer CGI effects the model makers in Hollywood are having to get more competitive on pricing because of a shrinking demand from their primary clientelle: the movie industry. It has been suggested that perhaps nowhere else in the world will this bubble of talent be allowed to develop as it has in the past before the late nineties when computers starting taking over the budget that would otherwise be allocated to miniature models. There is perhaps nowhere else in the world to have custom models made of this caliber at such value to collectors or movie makers.

Sci-Fi Futuristic Movie Space Ship Design and Car Design


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