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Scaled Models, Mini-Buildings, Miniature Architecture

We create miniature scaled models of any building, monument, or structure made at any scale for our clients.Also made by our model makers: scaled custom cars, life-sized concept cars, scaled helicopters, movie model submarines, and futuristic underwater craft upon request. Almost any science or space object imaginable can be made... starting with nothing more than an idea, or a rough sketch on a napkin, using our art department can be made into a reality.

Architectural Miniature Scaled Building for Display
Ancient Wonder of the World: Babylon Tower Gardens
Scaled Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triumph Monuments
Russian Architecture Model and European Castle Model
Italian Leaning Tower of Piza Scaled Theme Park Model
The Finest European Cathedral or Church Scaled Models
Scaled Architectural Model with a Detailed Paint Job
Scaled Twin Towers, Asian and Indian Temple, Taj Mahal
Egyptian Monument Movie Models with Built-in Lighting
Athens Acropolis Ruins and Roman Coliseum Miniatures
St. Peter's Basilica Hand Painted Christian Church Model
Scale: Old Statue, New York Skyscrapers, Roller Coaster
Scaled: World Trade Center, US Capital, Times Square
Miniature Barn Movie Perspective Effect and Lady Shoe



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