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Scaled Civil War Sail Boat and Early Submarine Battle

Creating scaled or full-sized civil war boats and submarines is something that we have proven we can do with ahigh level of quality and realism that everyone can appreciate. These scaled down boats and submarines can be used for tv shows or movies and let the viewer feel like they are right there in the heat of the battle. Some may want to have their own personal historical war boat or submarine just to feel like they have been transported back in time and are the captain of their ship imagining their own unique story or favorite historical event. Others may actually want to recreate a historical battle at sea for the general public and provide a reenactment to paying visitors so they might realize what it was like. We can also build smaller scale modelsof early war boats and submarines for museum exhibits or even for you own collection at homeor in the office. These models can be made functional or just for viewing and can even be made out to look like a futuristic type of water craft. Just let our professional artists know what you are thing and submit any drawings or pictures you might have and we can callaborate to design just what you are looking for and you can be a part of as much of the details as you'd like. As you can see, we've built several very realistic civil war boats, submarines and even futuristic military boats for different tv series and movie makers and have had much success and customer satisfaction. Our team of artists and engineers can design and build just about anything you can imagine, so let us know how we can help you complete your project and we can discuss your options and then make it happen.

Custom Scaled Civil War Boats and Model Submarines


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