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Realistic Scaled Cars and Life-Size Custom Classic Cars

Automotive design - take the car or vehicle of your choice and have the body exterior stripped down to the framework, new framework added if necesary, and then sculpt a custom car body on top in clay. Once the masterpiece has gone through all of the stages in the revision process a mold will be taken and then the parts can be reproduced in fiberglass and/or carbon composite material and permanently attached to the vehicle and given a professional paint job. Like a tsunami, customizing the body of your car is the new wave in automotive re-engineering. Do you think you could design a better aerodynamic car body shapeor a more stylish exterior? Once the original sculpting and molding is complete it is possible to make multiples of the same body part allowing a resellfactor and a way to recoup investment costs and even profit with enough exposure to the right buyers. So if you don't like the body style of your car let us make a more original body that will get you noticed in the drivers seat! Or if you are just looking for a custom set of front and rear bumpers to be made according to your specifications. Our staff of sculptors has worked on everything from museum level sculptures, aerospace rockets, WWII airplanes, to futuristic cars used in sci-fi movies, custom submarines for "The Abyss".

Car Maker, Tank, Helicopter, & Train Model Fabricator


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