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Oscar Award for the Abyss Movie Special Effects Models

The Abyss won the 1990 Oscar for Best Visual Effects thanks to the quality craftmanship and creativity of our professional artists. In this underwater science-fiction thriller the crew of an experimental, high-tech submersible is called into action to investigate a mysterious nuclear submarine crash. A series of strange encounters leads the crew to suspect the accident was caused by an extraterrestrial craft, and that they may be participating in an encounter with an alien species. However, in order to make contact, they must not only brave theabyss, an exceedingly deep underwater canyon, but also deal with the violent actions of one of their own crew members, an increasingly paranoid Navy SEAL officer. Our artisans and engineers worked closely with the film's producers to create many different size scaled models of the surface ships and underwater submersible crafts as well as the deep sea suits and equipment used. A lot of attention was paid to ensure these models and props were detailed and finished to appear life-like and believable to the viewer, helping the film to get the audience fully immersed in the emotional content of the movie's more gripping scenes. The audience feels at times that they are actually with the crew underwater and experiencing the same fear and feeling of claustraphobia as the actors are portraying. Maybe you're a fan of the film or a collector of underwater sci-fi thrillers and would like us to make you somereplicas from the movie for you to display at your home, business or museum of some kind. Our staff of professionals are ready to design and build any kind of watercraft, sea vessel, underwater craft or any kind of seaworthy ship that can be made fully operational, just a limited functioning model or even a smaller scale model for filming purposes or for your own personal collection or exhibit.

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