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Original Star Trek Enterprise Ship Model and Phaser

If you are looking for experienced professionals to produce some proven quality spaceship models, laser guns, space suits or any other kinds of sci-fi props you've come to the rightplace. Our staff designed and built the original Star Trek Enterprise starship model, phaser, tricorders, wrist communicators and belt buckles for the original Star Trek The Motion Picture as well as many more Star Trek movies and countless other sci-fi movies since then. Alot of the success of sci-fi movies like Star Trek can be attributed to the life-like depiction of the spaceships and futuristic devices the actors use to help convince the viewer that they are actually watching something real and believable. The main Enterprise model that we constructed was eight feet long. Instead of standard fiberglass used for older models, the new Enterprise was constructed with lightweight plastics. The completed model could be supported at one of five possible points as each photographic angle required. A second, 20-inch model of the ship was used for long shots. We also produced the orbital dry dock seen during the Enterprise's first appearance in the film. Measuring 4 ft x 10 ft x 6 ft, its 56 neon panels required 168,000 volts of electricity to operate, with a separate table tosupport the transformers. Many of the props were updated designs of items previously seen in the television series, such as phasers and handheld communicators. The new phaser was entirely self-contained, with its own circuitry, batteries, and four blinking lights. To save money, the lights were dropped, reducing the size of the phaser by a third. The communicators were radically altered, as by the 1970s the microminiaturization of electronics convinced Roddenberry that the bulky handheld devices of the television series were no longer believable. A wrist-based design was decided upon, with the provision that it look far different than the watch Dick Tracy had been using for decades previous. Two hundred communicators were fashioned, but only a few were the top models, used for close-ups of the device in action. Most of the props were made fromplastic, as we thought that in the future manmade materials would be used almost exclusively. We can design and build any kind of space ship, space station or futuristic devices to your specifications. If you are big Star Trek fan, we could make more of these Star Trek replicas for your own personal collection or something new and original for a movie you are making or just to show off at your residence or gallery. We can also produce a replica of any spaceship or prop that already exists as long as we have a photo or sketch of what it looks like and what specifications are requested. All of the models and props can be produced at different size scales depending on what your needs require.

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