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Male-Female and Man-Woman in Bed Wall Sculptures

In our compilation of sculpture works, we have prepared several male and female wall sculptures in bed together that are in our safe keeping for the moment, until they are displayed in a new home.The first male-female sculpture illustrates the couple in bed together completely relaxed after they have obviously made love, with just one of wall sculptures showing a couple making love in the moment. Unique wall sculptures constructed of bronze, or painted with a bronze finish, will fill your household with a strong and clear symbolic artwork of male and female relationships as a form of art. According to religious history, Adam was created first to reflect Godís image, but in order to avoid man's loneliness God created the woman Eve - therefore creating the very first human couple.

Wall sculptures that combine both sexes make dynamic silhouetted displays include the fine details of the rumpled texture of the bedspread against the smoothness of human skin. These amazing sculptures are exceptional erotic collector items with their lucid display of sexuality in bed, between men and women. Handcrafted in bronze metal, or cast as a custom painted reproduction, the developement of your work of art creates a modern ambiance in your space when displayed prominently in your home once he has been finished and delivered. The three different couples in bed wall sculptures are designed to be viewed together as a single compilation, and they can be effectively displayed individually as well, or when can have our wall sculptor make a new sculpture with the face and the body of each person in the sculpture to be based on your choice of characteristics or selection of photographs.

Showcasing the elaborated exhibit of the couple in action, it stands as a blend of sexuality balanced with a highly developed artistic vision. Created from bronze ingots, the unbending folds in the bedding are enhanced by the bronze causing an enchanting distinction to the intricate smooth contours of the male and female figures. With an enthralling allure, the man and woman wall sculptures provide a wonderful central visual focus to any sensual interior decoration scheme in which they are displayed, especially with the addition of artwork track lighting. Each sculpture is made from bronze, or any casting material of your choice... including aluminum, and finished in almost any custom color, texture, or metal patina imaginable.

Blending creative visual effects, our sculptor has produced a fascinating wall sculpture that showcases a capricious pairing of an affectionate series of erotic couples. The man and woman wall art pieces have been difficultly sculpted from scratch and cast in durable bronze, aluminum, or other material of your choosing, and polished to give the couple scuplptures a distinguishing three-dimensional quality despite the fact that they are relief artworks. The entire work is subsequently given a custom patina, or painted with bronze effects and any other faux finishes upon request, to create a fantastic and luminous exterior or interior wall art masterpiece. Each wall sculpture can be hung on almost any type of wall structure with relative ease. In order for the sculpture to mount evenly to the wall, you can use the slots that we have included in the back of each large wall art piece to make mounting your artwork easy. You can request any shape or size of wall sculpture for our staff of sculptors to create for you, but we must know whether it will be displayed indoors or outdoors to make all of the final artwork preparations. Feel free to call, or email, our art department with any questions or ideas you may have regarding our artworks or artists.

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