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Futuristic Music Video Car - Michael Jackson's Thriller

We can design and build a futuristic or luxury car for a music video or sci-fi movie or even just for your personal use. We constructed this eye-catching car below for the movie "Moonwalker", Michael Jacksonís great film from 1988, in which he transformed into a super-car. The car was a Lancia Stratos Prototype (also know as Lancia Stratos Zero). In the movie scene, Michael becomes trapped in an alley and escapes by morphing into the Stratos ZERO and zooming off amidst smoke and fire to finally return and change back into himself. It is reported that Michael himself was so entranced by the Lancia Stratos Prototype that he specifically requested that it be used in his Moonwalker movie. While the original was not used, this re-creation was made for the movie. At a mere 35" tall, access is gained via opening the windshield - the triangular engine bay cover has never been seen in any car since. Itís fully functional (including lights, turn signals, etc.), albeit with limited rear visibility. You can take part in the whole process and submit photos or sketches that we could use to convert your unique vehicle from your imagination into reality for whatever purpose you decide. We can make just about any kind of car or spaceship that you could imagine and to your specifications, so it actually looks and functions exactly how you imagined it needs to be. It doesn't have to be fully functional, but it can if you need it to. It can just be for show and not actually drive or it can also look like it can do some pretty outrageous things that aren't even physically possible yet to make it look futuristic. You can also make a replica of a very expensive luxury car or unique car that has stopped being produced at a much lower cost than the original.

Sci-Fi Futuristic Movie Space Ship Design and Car Design


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