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Fit Male Nude Gay Portrait Series Wall Sculpture Artist

Our artist has produced a series of gay, or nude, male wall portrait sculptures that are now available for purchase. The art plaque sculptures are well made, fired in terra cotta, with a slight oil conditioning on the surface to give the wall sculpture a proper amount of shading.

All fit male sculptures, whether intentional by an artist or not, exhibit eroticism, even male lust, as well as clear indications of homosexuality, or male curiosity - if you prefer. One of thesculptures stand entirely bare fully exposing himself; he holds a towel that may have recently covered him. There is a distinct feeling that he removed his clothing for everyone’s enjoyment, as much as his own, by the look in his face and body posture. This male nude wants to be placed in a home that will appreciate his perfected and luscious body that not only melts your heart, but your soul. Each strappingly fit male wall sculpture has a profound beauty with a wall art sculpting style used exclusively by our artist: a mix of sculpting and "drawing" with clay. As the male model stands before you, there is an exquisite and undeniable display of his "manhood". The wall sculpture's gorgeous and effervescent body grabs your attention with its primal sexual, spiritual, and natural male energy.

Another one of our wall portrait sculptures (also available for purchase) displays the entirety of a man's back completely nude. The wall sculpture is designed to display the art and beauty of a fit man’s masculine back, and backside. The male flexes his buttocks intensely as the male model holds bother arms raised over his head adding height to the fading relief composition.

Our other wall portrait sculptures (in this series) depicts two men, recreating seemingly sexual acts of gay male affection. The male nude art exchanges and disperses an intense amount of sexual energy, generating a field of love in the air where ever it is mounted for public or private viewing. Gay love of this sort is stimulating and sensual, as if it is daring you to own in and display it prominently and boldly in your home to express your gay pride. Decorating your wall with such a brilliant gay art piece would be great for your house as well as for all your friends and especially family members to enjoy when they surprise you with an unexpected visit next time. Several of the sculptures have multiple models in them, one of which is positioned behind the other holding, or embracing, the male in front with his hands and arms positioned erotically with the other model. Gay portraits of this type exhibit a rare art style and level of skill that makes an exceptionally attractive sight for fans of erotic male art to behold.

We also stock different wall sculptures than the ones described above; like the one that displays a male model elegantly and sensually laying on a bed sheet. The angles of every part of his body are contoured in a provocatively and sensually charged display. The nude wall portrait sculpture shows the male model seemingly emanating a not entirely unwelcome raw sexual invitation.

The final two gay nude males portray a soft and sensual theme facing each other as their bodies touch in an erotic mutual embrace while looking into each other eyes. Undressed to the fullest, they gaze at each other with passion and an undeniable lustful infatuation for each other. Gay wall sculptures displaying this type of sexual art make great additions to any art collection for those that just adore gay male art. We have several other sculptures of this caliber also available!

If you'd like us to make a wall sculpture similar to these wall relief artworks for display in your home, we can have our artist produce another masterpiece custom made according to your design and artistic tastes. Let us know which option appeals to you and if you have any specific questions for our art department.

Erotic Male Nude Full-Figure Bronze Statues & Wall Art


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