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Fiberglass Dog Statue, Bronze Grandma and Children

Making your dream art work become a reality is our goal. In this particular section we will discuss what type of options you have when purchasing and customizing a fiberglass dog statue and bronze grandma with children. If this is something you are interested in you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information. When customizing a fiberglass dog statue or bronze grandma and children you can also change the material, color, size, and design.

Other then fiberglass and bronze we also offer many other materials to create your dog, grandma, and children statue. Other materials we offer are marble, silver, copper, nickel, hydro stone, plaster, cement, marble and wood. Depending on the material you choose the process is different. Some examples of wood that we carry are mahogany.

If you would like to choose marble or wood we hand carve these materials. Hand carving is great because our customer gets to customize the detail (more time spent on carving), size, and design. For wood, we have your art work sent to Indonesia. Why Indonesia? If you look close to our webpage you can see just some examples of the artwork this spectacular place can create. This is why we chose them. Marble is also shipped over seas. But, depending on the type of artwork you would like created,there are some businesses that do it better in other countries.

We also imitate materials such as wood and marble. First, our customer would pick out a base, such as hydrostone. Next, the customer would pick the design, such as a dragon or an animal. Lastly, you would pick the color, detail, and material you would like to imitate. Our company calls this faux marble statuary.

Again, if you would like to create a completely custom fibgerglass dog statue or custom bronze grandma and children you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.

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