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Erotic Vitruvian, Dragon, and Tribal Tattoo Sculpture Art

Tribal tattoos have gained a new level of popularity over the years. Several of our erotic sculptures are of female and male wall statues painted with intense artistic tribal tattoo designs. The first female sculpture stands erect as she touches her upper thighs lightly with her hands at her side and her back is painted with tribal tattoo designs in a diamond shape. This female wall relief sculpture is also painted with a tattoo of the Vitruvian Man, centering on her upper back. The Vitruvian Man, based on a well-known drawing by the prestigious artist Leonardo da Vinci, depicts the male form in two simultaneous positions: one with his arms and legs stretched outwards closely forming an "X" shape and the other in a standing position with legs pointed straight down and arms raised vertically forming a "T". Both body positions overlap encircled and enclosed in both a circle and a square at the same time. Like most erotic art, the Vitruvian man is entirely nude, although it does not allude or suggest the idea of human sexuality, it focuses more on the human geometric proportions of the unclothed man in his natural state. Surrounding the area around the Vitruvian man are tribal art tattoos shaped like a "V" adding a frame in the form of a perimeter to the back tattoo. The bottom pointed end of the tattoo seemingly points in the direction of the female's butt. The right cheek is also painted (rather nicely I might add) with a tribal element as well as the right wrist, where the tattoo worn like a bracelet, and an additional tribal tattoo wrapped around her left bicep - all with enough tribal tattoo style interplays to make it work as a whole coordinated tattooed artwork.

Similar in composition to the very first female relief sculpture mentioned above, the second female tribal art sculpture figure is painted with tattoos on her back that depict two dragons seemingly in perfect opposition, yet of equal size. Dragons are a favorite for tattoos and art because they are such legendary creatures, known for their breathtaking flying power, scaly reptilian hide, massive wing size, and ferocious fire breathing. The relief art sculpture also has complimentary tattoos on her right upper arm, upper right hip, and right butt cheek.

A male relief sculpture goes with this tattooed art sculpture collection. Unlike the other tattooed sculpture artworks, this one is painted with tribal art tattoos on the back portraying an incredibly long dragon. Dragons of this length are a different adaptation of dragon lineage that were known to be more from China and are not the same dragons that are found in European folklore and legends. The Asian style dragons are known as Chinese dragons, or Imperial dragons. Chinese dragons do not have any wings but are able to soar to the skies with a slithering up and down motion, not unlike the movement of a modern roller coaster. Imperial dragons can represent a particular Chinese emperor and were known occasionally to take the human form. The dragon tattoo on the back muscles of the wall sculpture extends across the entire posterior torso dynamically as the man is chained, or tied up, or perhaps he just happens to be holding metal chains with his arms appearing to be bound behind his back for theatrical effect.

We also managed to create another beautiful tattooed wall sculpture; a nude woman figurine, a torso sculpture from her shoulders to her knees, she holds a small candle in her left hand as she uses her other hand over the top to feel the warmth at a distance. The entire frontal region of her body is covered with a Japanese style chest to stomach tattoo art that begins at the top of her breasts and goes all the way down her thighs. This Japanese tattoo wall relief artwork is an illustration of garden flowers engulfed and surrounding by Japanese style ocean waves breaking across her body as if she is wearing a finely embroidered oceanic dress.

Another tattooed sculpture stands apart (different from the rest): A female angel-like figurine with her wings spread. This statue epitomizes the soft and gentle demeanor expected from an angel. Her grey-black wings outstretched are similar in composition to being nailed to the crucifixion cross, like Jesus Christ. She is decorated with cool tattoos, like the other wall sculptures in this series, comprised of tribal decor elements in asymmetrical places on her arms, and symmetrically down each thigh, as well as covering her panty line with a tribal tattoo to replace the need for women's underwear.

The final feminine figurine shows a female sitting down with her back arched forward as she rests her head on one knee, folding her arms around it for support. This crouched woman is also painted with large tribal art tattoos scattered across all the major body areas. Looking closely at her left arm, she had a snake armlet that wraps around it to add mystery.

All of our wall sculpture reproductions you can see in the photographs above are cast in polyresin, painted, and finished by hand. If you would like our team of artists to make a new tattoo sculpture custom designed with a tattoo etching of your choice - just let us know. Our staff of sculptors is ready to help you get the artwork that you've always wanted, but never found the right artist for the job, until now! Whether you see one of the sculptures from our current collection that you like, or you would prefer for us to sculpt a new masterpiece... its entirely up to you.

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