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Erotic Metal Male Relief Wall Sculptures in Aluminum

The erotic nature of our aluminum male wall relief sculptures is quite undeniable. Whether you are looking for a custom wall relief sculpture portrait, an erotic full torso statue, or something in between, but with more depth than a traditional relief art piece; Our art department can create any erotic male sculpture you direct us to sculpt according to your specifications. Provide us with a detailed description, and photos (or simple drawings), of the subject matter you want to be made into a work of art, and our staff of sculptors will make into a reality. Due to the years of hands on training at the top art schools and museums around the world; Our staff can put together a tremendous level of experience that goes into every artwork we produce.

Notice how the unpolished, or rough polished, aluminum reflects the ambient light in such beautiful shades of silver. The light reflects off of the under surfaces of the chest muscles, abdominals, and rib cage of the sculptures in such a unique manner that only aluminum can produce. Aluminum is a little known, but highly appreciated metal used in modern artworks. We cast in other valued metals such as bronze and brass - in addition to aluminum. One of our sculptors also made a more rough chiseled aluminum male torso sculpture with added dark staining to give it a more aged look, known in the industry as "distressing." Statues, sculptures, and even doors are common items that receive distressing treatments by our art department in order to enhance their character and appeal.

The second smooth aluminum erotic male wall relief sculpture is set in a pose as if being pressed against a wall with his hands above his head bracing for impact, and a towel falling off and dropping down his thighs. The back and shoulder muscles of male subject are very well defined showing every muscle detail and ripple from head to "tail," including a undeniably firm tush. Our staff of artists can take a head shot of any person and sculpt their unique facial structure and make a half-torso wall relief, mounted bust, or full figure statue of the chosen art subject.

Erotic Male Nude Full-Figure Bronze Statues & Wall Art


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