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Engraved Famous Fountain Sculptor Motorcycle Art Coat of Arms Dragon Carvings
Angels & Bronze Butterfly, Fish Art Metal Torso Nude Wall Art Erotic Male Art Masterpieces Display Base Faux Wood
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Engraved Bronze Trophies, Sculptures, Angels, Wall Art

Have a bronze portrait made of an important person, historical figure, scientist, engineer, or famous artist made into an engraved bronze figure.We allow our clients to participate in the actual process of sculpting water-based, or oil based clay, artworks to produce an original sculpture, with the option to make any modifications along the way to give the sculpture the character that the final artwork needs to have when finally cast in bronze and presented to the public. We also make new, modern, or other requested sculpted bronzes, or marble statues, for art monument installations and public artwork exhibits worldwide. Artworks we've sculpted were broadcast on ESPN, CNN, and we've created trophy awards for U.S. Soccer, Basketball Hall of Fame, NCAA Madison Square Garden, Norwalk Raceway, and for USC Alumni.

Lasso the Moon Sculpture - Custom Bronze Statue
Bronze African American Bishop Sculpture for a Church
Freed African American Slave Sculpture Bust
African American College President Bronze Sculpture
The Original Rocket Man Dr. Pickering Statue for NASA
Sculpting a Statue Maquette of NASA's JPL Director
Art Model Subject Photos and the Sculpture Bust Result
Small Bronze Bust Portrait Sculpture Clay Artist Process
Fallen Police Officer Down Sculpture Art Maquette
Custom Brass Sorority Shield - California Chapter

U.S. Soccer President Statue Bust at Home Depot Center
Norwalk Raceway Bronze Portrait Bust Sculpture Award
Joe Lapchick - Original Basketball Player and Coach
Custom Basketball Trophy Statue Award by Our Sculptor
1st Character in Basketball Coaching Awards Ceremony
2009 NCAA Leadership Awards Statue & Etched Plaque
Custom Bronze Bust and Pedestal of USC Alumni

Madison Square Garden NCAA Coach Awards Trophy
Tennis Trophy Award Sculptor - Custom Bronze Trophies
Custom Bronze Basketball Team Trophy Awards Artist
Real Bronze and Fake Bronze Soccer Awards Trophy Art
Baseball Team Sports Trophy Award Custom Statue
Bronze Surfer Statue with Wave and Bronze Scuba Diver
Woman Golfer Award Trophy and Male Golfer Statues
School or College Bronze Football Trophy Statue Award
Color Guard Award Sculpture Bronze Trophy on Granite

Classic Apollo Trophy Award in Aged Bronze and Marble
Statue of Liberty Trophy Award with Engraved Base
Custom Gold Cup Trophy Award & Grecian Urn Trophy
Hermes Roman God Mercury Trophy Award Engraving
David Trophy Bust and David Full Figure Trophy Award
Roman and Greek Column Engraved Awards Trophies
Winged Victory Trophy - Nike Statue Awards Engraving
Diana, Athena, Hebe, and Venus De Milo Statue Awards

Napoleon Bust Engraved Statue Award with Custom Base
Custom United States Presidents Statue Bust Engravings
Bronzed Beethoven Statue Bust for Awards Engraving
Original Egyptian Oscar Statue Award Trophy Painting
Engraved Religious Award Statues of Jesus, Pope, Prayer
Bodybuilding Trophy Awards & Greek Wrestling Trophy
Styles of Custom Statue and Trophy Engraving Plaques

Custom Bronze Hand Railing with Dancing Figurines
Interior Metal Hand Rail Art and Exterior Patio Railing
Home Exterior Custom Wall Sculpture Relief Figures
Custom Fireplace Artist and Firescreen Statue Sculptor
Bronze and Aluminum Custom Coffee Table Sculptor
Custom Sculpt Wall Water Fountain Artistic Walls Artist
Custom Fountain Statue Sculptor in Bronze or Fiberglass
Custom Pyramid Waterfall Fountain and Bronze Dragon

Angel with Feather Wings Creative Plaster Art Sculpting
Icaris Statue Art Cast in Aluminum No Winged, or Wings
Icaris Feather Wing Angel Man Sculpture Aluminum Art
Three Graces Grape Festival Statues and Family Statues
Painted Bronze: Nike Athlete, Bronze Dog, Bronze Cat
Fiberglass Dog Statue, Bronze Grandma and Children
Custom Rock-Roll Bronze Statue Portrait Artist Sculptor

Painted Bronze Butterfly with Bronze Flower Sculpture
Butterfly Wings Made of Bronze for Outdoor Display
Wings of a Butterfly Bronze Butterfly Veins Art Designs
Bronze Leaves and Foliage with Butterfly Colored Bronze
Bronze Tropical Coral Reef Fish Sculpture Elements
Elegant Fish Species Bronze Art in Bright Patina Colors
Simple Fish Design Bronze Statues for Interior Decorator

Distressed and Smooth Female Torso Abstract Metal Art
Bathing Girl Statue Bust with Towel Draped Like a Dress
Bronze Man and Woman in Love Statues with Scenery
Bronze Sexy Girl and Woman in Hot Dress Sculptures
Hot Woman in Sparkling White Dress Statue Art Sculptor
Bronze Figurines and Figure Draped in Autumn Leaves
Semi-Clothed Nude Statue of a Woman Sculpture Artist
Standing Nude and Seated Nude Female Figure Sculptor
Erotic Terra Cotta Color Style Clay Full Figure Statue Art

Groups of Women Draped Relief Art Sculpting Style
Male-Female and Man-Woman in Bed Wall Sculptures
Bacanalia Bacchus Festival Wall Statues in Relief Form
Stylistic Half-Draped Nude Wall Art Statue Portfolio
Wall Mural Painting and Interior-Exterior Wall Sculpting
Art Services: Commission an Erotic Artist Drawing

Nude Male Art Wall Relief Sculpture Holding Roses
Fit Male Nude Gay Portrait Series Wall Sculpture Artist
Young Nude Male Bronze Art - Custom Statue Sculptor
Erotic Metal Male Relief Wall Sculptures in Aluminum
Erotic Vitruvian, Dragon, and Tribal Tattoo Sculpture Art

Erotic Nude Figures and Sculpted Wall Art Services


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