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Eagle on Shield and Heart Shaped Custom Skull Plaques

Do you have an animal as a trademark or plaque that signifies your organization? We have created many sculptures and carvings where we are now able to create completely custom eagle, skull, or any wood carving. This makes you able to choose the size and material, either then wood. If you would like to purchase, or customize, a wood carving you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.

There are two methods that we can use to creating your animal plaque. The first method is to have a custom sketch or computer image for our computer. After it is scanned or uploaded it creates a 3D image and it starts etching and engraving. The second method is having our expert carvers in Indonesia carve it. We have qualities from apprentice into master. The more time our carvers spend on a wood plaque the higher the quality and detail.

For example, some fraternities and sororities have an exact shape that they have used to signify their brotherhood or sisterhood. Some shapes you would probably like are plaques, hearts, and shields. Different sizes, shapes, engravings, and materials are possible with our company. Whether you would like a 30 inch by 30 inch or a 30 feet by 30 feet plaque we can do this. The quality of the wood carving is also customizable for economic purposes. If you would like a highly detailed eagle or skull plaque you can inquire by calling or filling out an order form.

Fraternity and sorority insignias have specific engravings for their plaques. Whether you are a Fraternity or another type of organization we have photo scanners and incredible artists that can get these insignias precisely. If you want a photo engraved in a wood plaque this is also possible. This is great for a gift and home decoration.

The types of wood we offer are mahogany and redwood. Redwood is a much harder substance. Mahogany is found out throughout the world. The colder the weather the more dense the wood is. Other materials that we also offer for our art work are limestone, granite, marble, silver, bronze, and many others. We are also able to imitate anytype of wood. When imitating a wood pattern we also add a gloss to make it look

We have created many wood carvings. Logos and signs for businesses arethings that we have done much of. We have created many animal wood figurines and statues. Some examples are dogs, cats, eagles, lions, and many more. Other wood carvings we have created are dragons. In recent years we have carved a 30 feet dragon that is now sitting at a mansion home in Malibu Beach California. Gods and furniture are other creations we have made from wood.

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