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Customer Service Department Information and F.A.Q.

We provide one-on-one customer service that exceeds what most art companies offer because we go the extra distance to accommodate our client's requests for many otherwise hard to find sculptures, statues, and other art. Our company is available to communicate regarding any and all updates, changes, and other aspects of your order with us. With decades of experience in statues, sculptures, carved art, and the creation of top grade scaled models there isn't much that we haven't had to do at one point or another in our business. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions that may arise.

Custom Art Department
If you have an art project already started with our company you can contact our art department directly to work out any of the finer details. See our contact information for the phone numbers and email addresses to use for getting in touch with our art department directly.

Online Sales Representative
Call, email, or fill out the contact form, to get in touch with our sales team about your order or with any questions. We cater to an International clientele, as well as to our clients in the Domestic United States and Canada, so that's why we make our staff available 24/7 to take your call no matter where you are calling from in the world. If the phone rings through please leave us a detailed message and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hrs. [maximum time] with an informative response to your quest for more information.

Art Inquiries & Questions
To get further details about what its going to take to make any particular statuary piece, custom model, or other object of interest please fill-out the custom art quote form.

Pre-Order Your Statuary Item
After searching our extensive index of over 12,000 statuary items if you don't find the artwork you are looking for you can pre-order it and we either can find it in the size you are looking for or we can have our art department, and sculpting team, make the sculpture from scratch using any archive photographs or drawings you provide us with. This is where we distinguish ourselves from the competition, any work of art ranging from a sculptural masterpiece to a futuristic sci-fi spaceship model, or other architectural model, can be recreated with the help of our talented staff of artists, sculptors, and Hollywood model makers.

Initiate an Extensive Statuary Search
Once the entirety of our statuary art catalog of over 12,000 art pieces has be searched, then our global resources and local and regional suppliers and art contacts will be brought in to the search to find the item you're looking for. If either our extensive art catalog or sculptors and artist contacts turns up nothing, then we can have our art department determine what it will take to resculpt the artwork from scratch made into either: a less expensive hydrostone reproduction casting with a custom faux finish, or high-end bronze or aluminum metal casting, or carved in wood, or created as an original marble carving.


Q: How do I order a sculpture?
A: If you are ordering a reproduction statuary piece you simply go to the product page using our search button (if necessary) and and click "add to cart", then once you have finished adding items to your shopping cart you go to the "checkout" button on the right and complete your order in a few easy steps on our secure server system.

Q: How do I choose the color of my sculpture?
A: Simply pick the color, material, or texture you are looking for out of our selection of over 125 choices, or provide us with an example image of the custom color(s) you are looking for and our staff of professional faux finish painters will do the rest.

Q: Where do I check my order status and tracking number?
A: Go to the left upper corner of any web page and click on the "tracking" link to track the status of your order.

Q: How long will it usually take to deliver my statuary order?
A: Reproduction statues ship in 7-14 days, everything else from custom scaled models to marble carvings ship in 6-8 weeks, with carved wood and bronze castings it may take 10-12 weeks - because of the constant back and forth communication usually required for that level of detailed work to be successfully completed with client approval throughout the important and critical stages of the process of creating a custom artwork.

Q: How do I commission a custom sculpture, or other artwork, to be created for me?
A: Please fill out a custom art request form with all of the details of the artwork you are looking for and we will let you know what its going to take to get it made shortly thereafter.

Q: Who do I contact in your company to repair a statue I already own?
A: Please call or email us with any information or photos you have of your sculpture that is need of repair or restoration and we can tell you what it will cost to have it properly restored, cleaned, or even replaced.


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