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Custom Submarine Scale Model Maker for Film and TV

Are you looking to have a historic or modern submarine built for a tv series or film you are tryingto produce? Our experienced artists have created some extremely realistic scaled civil war submarines and surface boats. We have also put together some very life-like largerscale submarine exhibits at museums and naval bases in many different locations. Some of you may just be looking for a smaller scale submarine model for your own personal collection at home or in youroffice, especially some of the real-life submariners in our US Navy or just submarine enthusiats and collectors. Submarines have always captivatedpeople's imagination of what it would be like to breath and navigate underwater without being detected, much like a fish. The first military submarine was built in 1776, called the Turtle, a hand-powered egg-shaped device designed by the American David Bushnell, to accommodate a single man. It was the first verified submarine capable of independent underwater operation and movement, and the first to use screws for propulsion. During the American Revolutionary War, Turtle (operated by Sgt. Ezra Lee, Continental Army) tried and failed to sink a British warship in New York harbor on September 7, 1776. There is norecord of any attack in the ships' logs. Since that failed attempt there have been many subsequent ship builders trying their hand at creating a new and improved version for battle and personal use, eventually leading the nuclear-powered submarines of today that are completely self-contained, can remain underwater at great depths for months at a time and travel almost in every part of our planet's oceans and bodies of water. We have also recreated full scale interiors of submarines for museums to allow visitors to see what it was like inside some of our historical submarines all the back to the first submarines made in the civil war. We also offer custom built submersibles of all kinds, even mechanical looking types of fish or anything thing else you could imagine. Thesesubmarine models can made of a variety of materials and at different scales and level of detail to suit whatever purpose you would have for them. We can also build a prototype of an experimental idea for a submarine or some kind of artistic expression of yours in designing a vessel of some type. We can turn a historical, modern or an imagined submarine into reality using many different options to suit your needs.

Custom Scaled Civil War Boats and Model Submarines


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