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Custom Pyramid Waterfall Fountain and Bronze Dragon

For years our company has provided artwork to the public. Now, we also offer to our customers the ability to create any type of custom work. Things we have created for years are statues, sculptures, fountains, and waterfalls. When creating a custom work of art you have the ability to control the material, size, design, and color. If you are interested in purchasing or customizing a pyramid waterfall fountain you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.

When creating a custom pyramid waterfall fountain there are many materials that we can incorporate in your project. We have mediums and other materials. The mediums we are able to customize are bronze, copper, silver, nickel, and gold. Other materials that we offer for a pyramid waterfall fountain are marble and wood. Cement and other stones are also available for a base.

Since our company deals with customizing every essential part, or selling pre-made products, you can control the size. The size of the base of a fountain might differ from the actual waterfall pyramid fountain itself. This is where we come in and tell you if that are compatible or not. Creating a custom size for a pyramid water fall fountain is great for Feng Shui artists, architectural work, and personal use.

We offer many styled waterfalls. We have pyramid water falls, standalone waterfalls, bar waterfalls, and anything you can think of that you would like a waterfall fountain to be. Besides creating pyramid style waterfall fountains we also offer many other designs. Designs that we have created for a water fall are standalone waterfalls, god waterfalls, men waterfalls, children waterfalls, abstract waterfalls, and many others.

If you would like a fountain to be a certain color we can find a way to do that. Depending on the material you use you are also able to color it any color you like. But, for marble, we offer red marble, white marble, black marble, green marble, blue marble, orange marble, and brown marble. If there is a color not listed here you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.

Our company specializes in creating completely custom art work. Some pieces we are able to customize are statues, sculptures, furniture, fountains, and miscellaneous items. While looking through our extensive list of art you will notice we have thousands. This is why we are now able to create any type of custom art work a customer requests for. This includes a bronze dragon. If you are interested in purchasing a bronze dragon or creating a custom bronze dragon you can call the office or fill out a form below for more information. When creating a completely custom dragon you can control the material, size, design, and color.

There are thousands of dragons that we are able to create into bronze. While looking through our extensive list you are able to control the material. Besides bronze, we also offer marble, wood, copper, silver, gold, hydro stone, cement, and fiberglass. Most of our precious metals are placed in a mold that has been pre made or custom made, and the fine piece of art comes out of it into a final masterpiece. Different types of wood we offer are mahogany (which is found throughout the world) and redwood. Wood and marble, on the other hand, is carved by our expert sculptors. As you can see throughout our website, our sculptors have created many works of art from sculptures to furniture. Creating a dragon by hand can give a more unique look. Bronze plaques can also be added to dragons to authenticate its uniqueness.

We can also imitate marble. A marble sculpture can be a faux marble sculpture. A faux marble sculpture, fake sculpture, is created with either hydro stone or cement. After the dragon is molded we can create it using hydro stone or cement. Then you are able to pick any type of faux gloss that you like. We offer marble, silver, gold, and others.

The different colors of marble we offer are white marble, black marble, blue marble, green marble, brown marble, and orange marble.

In the past we have dealt with a client that ordered a 30 foot dragon carved by our carvers in Indonesia. Being able to purchase any of our products and control the size is revolutionary. This is great for personal use, Feng Shui artists, and architects. If you are a dragon lover and want a 30 foot dragon or if you want a dragon figurine we are the company for you.

There are many dragons that have been recorded throughout the years. For example, the Chinese dragon was wingless, and the German dragon is winged. If you have a drawing or a particular dragon you would like sculpted into any material and size you can, again, call the office or fill out an order form below for further information.

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