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Custom Concert Stage Truck with Fold Out Lighting

Want to take your show on the road? Well we have just what you need with this custom concert stage truck and fold out lighting. Almost seems like it should be in a Transformers movie, but this is the real deal. With this set-upyou always have a stage, lighting and sound system wherever you go. This custom cocert stage truck is perfect for any outdoor performance and easy to set up. We can also customize a truck or other vehicle for many different purposes. For instance, you could have a truck that could transform into the ultimate tailgating party at your favorite sporting event or show. As you can see there is an impressive array of lighting effects and plenty of sound from all those built-in speakers. You would definately make a lasting impression on your fans with this unique stage allowing you to take the music to the people. This truck could be used for outdoor concerts (have shows anywhere), festivals (a stage that leaves no trace when done), fairs (better security), weddings or receptions, grand openings (have displays or shows in your parking lot to draw attention to your special events) or at bars (conduct special events to promote business and attract attention). Any idea that you may have of customizing a vehicle to do something extraordinary can most likely be accomplished by us. With our professionally trained staff of engineers, artists and builders we can create just about any great idea that you can think of. Just call and tell us what you have in mind and/ or give us any sketches or photos you might have and we will work closely with you to produce a finished product that you can be proud of and know that it was your ideas that went into how it turned out.

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