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Company Bio and Background for Custom Art Sculptures

This sculpture art company was created to solve many of the problems that art collectors were having trying when trying to find an art company that can make almost anything for them! We specialize in getting our clients exactly what they ask for, where many companies produce art that the client has to pick from a limited selection (we do offer this as well), but we also accommodate unique client requests for art. What we do is actually kind of the opposite situation: our clients are unlimited in their art choices because of our talented staff of artists, sculptors, painters, and model makers help our clients get their art ideas made "on demand." We also have an extensive sculpted art online gallery catalog of statuary items to search through for a cheaper option to having to make a custom artwork from scratch whenever possible. Few people know that having a marble carving (as just one example) custom made to order doesn't cost that much more than ordering a marble sculpture that is already carved - since both options involve almost the same process and materials!

Collective Buying of Custom Marble Artworks
Most of our suppliers already offer significant discounts, which only increases when we purchase an additional bulk amount. So by combining your purchases of marble statuary with an existing marble buying pool everyone instantly receives lower pricing, an upgrade that could be negotiated due to our collective buying power. Plus, art producers and art product manufacturers are also willing to work harder to keep the customer happiest that spends the most. And with our art department already in direct contact with our various marble carvers you can avoid endless translations, conference calls, and email correspondence necessary to coordinate with them yourself, running an international art business is not so easy without proper training and experience.

Professional Trophy Award Sculpting
Few companies offer you so many options as we do when it comes to making custom trophies for your next individual or team trophy awards party. From fine cast bronze trophies with stone bases to more economical faux painted hydrostone reproduction trophies, we excel in providing our clients with exactly what they want - within their limited budget. Whether you need the most economical solution to your team awards trophies and just wish to add a custom engraved plaque at the base or pre-existing statue award, or price is no object and you need a trophy sculpted according to your artwork, from scratch, and delivered to multiple locations in exactly two weeks finished 100% we can do it!

Our Custom Statuary Art Company
We have played an integral part in many public, private, museum and corporate art projects. It all began innocently enough, as a customer ourselves looking for a custom statue base for a French cologne product display. Little by little, we worked with many of the great sculptors and artists in the Los Angeles Area, and beyond. We are one of the few art companies that doesn't say "no" to client requests for custom art because we know what it is like to have to be looking to have a unique sculpture made and not knowing which way to turn. With all of the decades of experience, networking, and industry connections we have established by producing incredible works of art it is very difficult to find another company that can manage the art process and handle all of your project details under one roof.

Scaled Model Making History
Our model makers and scaled miniature fabricators have been making incredible special effects models that you've undoubtedly seen in many of the major motion pictures. Our models have been acknowledged for their achievement having even influenced many of the movies that came afterwards. Many of the space and futuristic movies wouldn't have been the same without our staff having produced many of their key effects, space props, and even space ships. Our skilled model makers can produce: scaled boats, submarines, concept ships, scaled cars, (fiberglass) military tanks, scale bridges, model roller coasters, scaled futuristic trucks, airplanes, rockets, space ships, shuttles, and even satellites. All of this is in addition to scaled buildings and architectural miniatures used for public exhibit, museum display, and important project presentations that need the perfect prop to explain your concept.


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