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Classic Space, Futuristic, and Science Fiction Props

Our Hollywood artisans specialize in creating the illusion of things thought not to be possible seem very real on the surface. In the all new sci-fi series Battlestar Gallactica we created several stunning, full-size prop spaceships, space helmets, iconic costumes and many other props from the original and re-imagined series. We can construct futuristic weapons, communication devices, multi-scale models of spaceships or space stations or robotic characters like the Cylon horde. Battlestar Galactica is an epic drama of interstellar proportions and the spaceships and props needed to portray that idea. In the series the last vestiges of humanity flee a cybernetic Cylon horde, traversing the stars in search of the fabled promised land of Earth.The setting of Battlestar Galactica may be rife with spaceships and inhuman adversaries, but ultimately the show is a complex narrative about how we attempt to retain our humanity under desperate circumstances. Another film that our artisans contributed their creative talents to was The Rocketeer. The Rocketeer is a 1991 period superhero adventure film produced by Walt DisneyPictures and based on the character of the same name created by comic book writer/artist Dave Stevens. The Rocketeer tells the story of stunt pilot Cliff Secord who discovers a jet pack that enables him to fly. His heroic deeds attract the attention of Howard Hughes and the FBI, as well as sadistic Nazi operatives. The biggest attraction in this film is the fact that the main character discovers a jet pack and learns to fly; therefor, we needed to design and build a believable andstylish jet pack assembly and all the other components such as the harness, gauntlets, prototype and rocketeer helmets. We can replicate more of these props used in the film or design and construct any other new idea you might have for some typeof sci-fi invention or prototype. We can and have in the past created scale models of exotic planets, moons and stars from distant worlds. We can also create seemingly real robots, androids or any other futuristic mechanized model to your specifications.

Sci-Fi Futuristic Movie Space Ship Design and Car Design


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