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Blade Runner and Armageddon Sci-Fi Models and Props

Our movie prop artisans have produced many of the props used in several sci-fi blockbusters, such as, Bladerunner, Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow, Marooned and Journey To The Center of the Earth. Our company specializes in quality television and movie prop design and production as well as recreating replica models and props from previous films like these. Our movie prop replicas are made using original studio props as reference and modeling elements as used in the actual movie props used for filming.We offer a wide selection of quality television and movie prop replicas and models. If there is a prop you are looking for, and we don't have it listed, contact us. We also offer prop design, and construction services. Our prop artisans produce high quality props, specifically made for the collector, or for filming use. Whether you need a futuristic lazergun or communication device that is believably from afuture time or a small orlarge scale model of a structure or spaceship of somekind, we can make it happen. To sell the viewer on the idea that they are watching a real glimpse into the future or a imaginary world it is vital that all the props used appear to be real and unique. You can get really creative with the design process too and share with us your ideas, sketches and photos so that we can capture exactly what you want toportray in your tv show or film. Or, like many of our customers, you might want to get some replica models or props from your favorite sci-fi tv show or movie to relive some of their more memorable moments or just display them proudly at your home or gallery and show them off to your visitors. These props and models can be intriguing to guests and great conversation starters. They can also be displayed at restaurants, coffee shops or anywhere there is somebody looking for something really interesting to spark the imagination of those that view it.

Sci-Fi Futuristic Movie Space Ship Design and Car Design


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