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Back to the Future Futuristic Taxi for the Time Movie

Want a replica of a car or space ship from a movie you saw or made for a movie you are making? We can construct it from a variety of materials and at different size scales. We can also build a customized body design on a working vehicle that you could help design that would allow you to have your own unique and original car or truck. We can also build a car or space ship from your imagination or a drawing. Pictured here is the flying taxi cab from Back to the Future 2 that we constructed. The original flying taxi cab (a CitroŽn DS) as seen in the movie is now in Holland (since 2003). Another replica was on display at Universal Studies Hollywood as well. The actual car that this futuristic taxi cab was designed from was a french made care called the CitroŽn DS (also known as Dťesse, or Goddess, after the punning initials in French) was an automobile produced by the French manufacturer CitroŽn between 1955 and 1975. CitroŽn sold nearly 1.5 million D-series during its 20 years of production. The DS is well-known for its futuristic, aerodynamic body design, and for its innovative technology (includingits hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system). You could also start off with a real car model and add some futuristic details or modifications to it. This flying cab was seen in the movie Back to Future 2 in the first moment of entering 2015 and also later when Biff heads over to Hilldale to steal the Time Machine. A CitroŽn DS is also seen crashed on the side of the street Marty wanders down in 1985 in the first Back to the Future movie. Back to the Future 2 inspired us all to think what the future might actually look like. This flying taxi was one of the first futuristic looking things in the movie that really got you to believe that you had just entered a future time period. Or if you prefer, you could have us build a Dolorean time machine car for you to relive all you favorite moments from the Back to the Future movies. Since we can't have real flying cars yet, this is the closest thing you can get.

Sci-Fi Futuristic Movie Space Ship Design and Car Design


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