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Bacanalia Bacchus Festival Wall Statues in Relief Form

If you are interested in purchasing a Bacanlia Bacchus Festival Wall Statue you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.

The bacchanalia were mystic festivals for the greek and roman god Bacchus. In modern times these festivals are known as any festival that is any form of a drunken revelry.

We have many styles of these festivals. Some styles include exposed woman for erotic art lovers. Some of our sculptures include woman andman playing instruments. Of course, these festival statues show enormous amounts of food and even sometimes drinking. But if you would like a different style we also offer custom designs for extreme art lovers.

When purchasing a custom piece of art we can carve it in any style, color, material, and design. If you are itnerested in this please have a picture or drawing ready for analysis in price and time. Some other materials that you might be interested in are marble, wood, and any metal you like. Professional installation is also available.

There are many materials that you can have your Bacanlia Bacchus festival art. If you like we can create this in any metal. Usually, the Bacanlia Baccchus ismade of bronze. We also offer to our customers the chance to be able to purchase a less expensive metal and we can imitate bronze. We can also imitate any other type of metal.

If you are interested in the Bacanlia Bacchus Festival then you might also like the wall mural painting, stylistic half draped nude wall art, and the male and femal bed wall sculpture. If you are still not satisfied with these fine arts then we recommend that you also take a look at our marble statues. We also have a comprehensive list of wood carvings that you might like.

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