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Athens Acropolis Ruins and Roman Coliseum Miniatures

Our company has created many scaled Roman buildings and structures over the years for the film industry and tv. They have also been used for displays at museums and theme parks as well. We can build scaled model replicas of any Roman building or structure in history and we can also create customized buildings to your specifications. Countless movies have been made about the Roman empire and its rise in power and its eventual decline and all the intriguing events and cultural practices in between. Ancient Rome was the largest city in the then known world. It is thought that Rome’s population was over 1 million people when the city was at the height of its power. From Rome, the heart of government beat; military decisions were taken and the vast wealth Rome earned was invested in a series of magnificent buildings. To start with, many buildings in Rome were built around the forum. Traditionally, this hadbeen a market place and an area where people met. Therefore, it would have been a natural place to put government buildings, temples and palaces. As Rome grew, however, theforum became more and more crowded. Therefore, a second city centre was planned and built some distance from the forum but still in Rome itself. Rome itself had some magnificent buildings erected within the city. Some exist to this day, all be it in a less wonderful state. The most famous is probably the Colosseum, pictured here, where thousands of Roman citizens would gather for their entertainment, be it animals fighting or gladiators. Such grand buildings were constructed so that emperors would be remembered by future generations. The Colosseum was built on the orders of the Emperor Vespasian and completed when the Emperor Titus was in power. The building was finally completed in AD 80. Some other amazing architecture built by the ancient Romans are the complex of templesatop the rugged rock we call the Acropolis of Athens in Greece, also pictured here. They are not a mere collectionof ruins, nor are they a mere tourist destination. Acropolis literally means edge or point of the city, and throughout the centuries in has embodied a much more significant position not in relation to a city, but in relation to an entire civilization. A heavy burden to say the least; but a burden that the discolored marbles carry with effortless grace. Please contact us and let us know how we can work for you to create whatever Roman building at any scale you desire and to any level of detail you request. These models can be used for films, tv, museums, theme parks, art exhibits or even for personal use.

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