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Art Masterpieces, Display Boxes, Faux Painting, Columns

We specialize in provide historical and classic statuary art worldwide. Should you need a different size of statue than what's available in our catalog we can have it sculpted by our artists. Recreating classic masterpieces is something we've done many times before from Alexander the Great to Hercules, and Venus Di Milo. To enhance the presentation of your masterpiece we manufacture a custom box base, museum display box, or use a pre-existing column from our collection made of real marble or painted in a faux finish.

Our staff of custom painters are experts in faux wood painting, marble effectspainting on fireplaces, interior gold leafing, exterior faux finishing, white marble statue painting, gold leaf on white marble,black marble and gold leaf, verdigris bronze, silver, gold, copper, old world beige, white beige, peach beige, and sandstone. However, many schools and artists themselves choose instead to use unpainted classic statuary for art classes, or individuals doing their own art project, to glue objects onto, or paint the surface to create a uniquely personalized work of art. Art restoration service is also available (on a side note) to fix broken fingers and replace damaged marble parts, and clean the artwork bringing it back to the condition of a museum level display piece.

Alexander the Great Sculpture Bust Art Based on Louvre
King Alexander Statue Artist Historical Comparisons
Custom Life-Size Venus De Milo Statue Art Project
Clay Maquette Sculpting Art Service for Marble Statues
Hercules and Diomedes Sculpture Enlargement
Chinese Terra Cotta Style Sculpted Clay Hercules Statue
Young Hercules Version Compared to Old Hercules

Glossy White Art Museum Statue Gallery Display Box
Painted Black Marble Display Box for Sculpture Gallery
Custom Square Display Base for Venus De Milo Statue
Pure White Nike Statue Art with Custom Step Base
Custom Faux Marble Box of Any Size, Shape, and Color
Regal Statue Display Ionic Columns for Hotel Lobby Hall
Outdoor Concrete Angel Garden Statue for Estate Home
Bathing Statue of Beauty: The Bathing Beauty Sculpture
Sea Shell Decorated Statue Busts of Diana, Apollo, Vase

Faux Wood Desk Painting and Fake Wood Painted Cabinet
Wood Texture Painter for Interior Wood House Cabinets
Los Angeles Wood Finish Service and Gold Door Painter
Valley Mall Shop Before Interior Wall Faux Finish Paint
Peach Wall Paint Faux Finish Texture in Clothing Store
Master Faux Marble Painter Interior Walls Paint Effects
Entertainment Room Stone Columns, Fireplace, Kitchen

Gold Leaf Service with Antique Stain for Foyer Furniture
Gold Leafed Fireplace Decorations and Jewish David Star
Gold Leaf Marble Girl Statue, Marble and Gold Columns
Decorative Hallway Columns with Gold Capitals and Decor
Sandstone Column Set, Gold Leafed Molding and Doors
Picture Frame Painter, Wall Trim Gold Leafing Service

Porch Column Bases and Custom Painted Half-Columns
Faux Peach Wall and House Painting with Marble Veins
Classic Garden Statues and Outdoor Columns for Home
Faux Bronze Repaint: Grecian Urn, Garden Vase, Lamp
Yard Water Fountain, Built-in Front Gate Post Fountain
Painted Mayan Calendar and Classical Draped Relief Art
Front Gate Painted in Antique Bronze with Aged Copper
Outdoor Patio Columns and Custom Metal Railing Painter
Light Terra Cotta David Statue, Terra Cotta Red Venus

Blue Marble Column Home Interior Decoration Accent
Faux Marble Painted Bodybuilder Statue Trophy Awards
Marble Color Paint Finish of Cast Greek Apollo Busts
Classic Roman and Greek Statue Busts on Classic Columns
War God, Hermes, Athena, Mercury Marble Sculptures
Large Full Figure Realistic Fake White Marble Statues
Delphi, Narcissus, Discus, Sabine in Classic Marble Faux
David, Paul, Pope and Mary Pieta Marble Religious Statues
Classical Torsos Marblized Via Faux Finishing Technique
Life-Size Bathing Beauty Art Painted in Marble Colors
Marble Winged Victory Statue Large to Small Size Faux
Classic Faux Marble Regal Columns - Classic Painted

Round Top Faux Marble Greek Vase with Gold Leafing
Julius Caesar Sculpture Bust Art with Antique Gold Leaf
Roman Chariot Sculpture in Aged Gold or White Marble
Golden Cassandra Full-Figure Statue Artwork on Column
Arch Angel, St. Michael, and Winged Victory Angel Art
Gold Leaf Process on Rose Lady Statue and Harvest Statue
White Venus De Milo Statue - Medium Size and Full Size
Faux White Marble Hermes Bust on Gold and Black Gold

Black and White Marble Greek Nike Winged Victory Art
Black Corinthian Column with Vase, Hand, Apollo Statue
Short Coffee Table Height Black Marble Roman Column
Tall Dining Table, or Desk, Black Marble Roman Column
Greek Regal and Egyptian Style Leafed Black Columns
Black Marble and White Marble Columns with Gold Leaf
Classic Vase and Roman Column Base with Gold Leafing
Black Marble Roman Column with White Marble Statues
Gold Leafed Black and White Faux Marble Regal Column
Gold Wings Black Marble St. Michael Arch Angel Art

Bronze Paint Effect on Mars and Athena Minerva Busts
David and Arch Angel - Painted Antique Bronze Patinas
Verdigris Bronze Painted Dragon Chair and Foyer Table
Antique Verdigris Bronze Napolean and Lacoon Busts
Bronze Verdigris Roman Column with Gold Highlights
Gold and Green Bronze Effect on St. Michael Statue Art
Metallic Winged Victory - Black Burnish and Aged Colors
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Copper Discus Statue Metal Effects
David Statues Painted in Bronze, Marble, Metal Tones
Classic Faux Finishing Corbel Color Sample Range
White Copper Paint Effect, Black Copper, Aged Copper
Trojan Art Roman Warrior with Silver Arrow and Archer

Old World Effects Painting on White Beige Angel Statues
Grey-White Beige Paint on Classic Roman Busts and Art
Caesar, Apollo, Hebe Busts - Beige Variation Faux Paint
Corinthian and Greek Statuary Light Beige White Painting
David Statue in Shades of Peach Marble and Earth Tones
Yellow, Orange, Beige Marble Marble Painted Statue Art
Brown Peach Faux Marble Dark Peach Victory Sculpture
Classic Roman Gold Leaf Peach Beige Marble Statuary
Victory Statue of Nike in Sandstone Finish and Old Copper

White Athena Bust, Delphi Bust, Trojan Warrior Bust
Four Famous David Head Sculptures, and Large Hand Art
Abstract Horse Head Statue on Distressed Statue Base
Steel Reinforced Winged Victory Nike Statue with Base
Discus Thrower Statues, Most Muscular Hercules Statues
Classic White Female and Male Torsos Based on David
Hebe Goddess, Mary, Liberty Statue Famous Female Icon
Egyptian Obelisk, Rome Column, Ornate Base, Old Vase

Fix Broken Finger on Marble Statue Professional Service
Replace Cross and Religous Sculpture Finger Restoration
Repair Broken Finger and Statue Cleaning Company



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