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African American College President Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Statue Portrait Artist Sculptor Sculptor: Valentin
Subject: Dr. Oswald P. Bronson Sr., Bethune-Cookman College President.
Motto: "Enter to learn; depart to serve."
Size: 24" x 17" x 12"
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Material: Bronze casting

We are a top provider of custom bronze sculptures created by our renowned artists and sculptors, Dave Damon and Valentin. The photographs on this page show the before and after images of a bronze casting made by the sculptor Valentine who was commsioned to sculpt a custom bronze bust of the President of the well known College Bethune-Cookman. Note that even the subject's glasses were includesd in the final bronze sculpture.

Read what the Senior Class President, Tikica Scott, had to say about the bronze sculpture: "The bust turned out very nice. The Senior Class as well as the President and the others who saw it were very pleased with the results. Thank you for the great work!"

In addition, the bronze sculpture brought media attention in the form of a report on CNN global news covering the honoration of the sculpture as it was given to the Bethune-Cookman College President, Dr. Oswald P. Bronson. That kind of free media attention alone can be worth more than the cost to make the custom bronze sculpture itself in the first place.

Famous Sculpture Artist Valentin Valentin graduated with a Master of Art degree from UCLA, California and has this to say about his art: "My art is based on human forms, which express the dynamics of the soul and powerful energy of the creative mind. My sculptures resonate love and compassion for humanity, the power of Nature and the energy of Spiritual presence."

I was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since childhood, I've always been inspired by the visual grandeur of ancient Greek civilization and art from the Italian Renaissance. Fascinated with the intrinsic beauty of the human form, I studied sculpture and anatomy for more than 15 years, eventually earning a Bachelor, then a Master degree in Art.

A classical education has provided me with the foundation to begin developing my own artistic language and style. I began to express the endless beauty and harmony of the world through abstract art. However, I don't consider my work as experimental or "good try" abstract art. Instead, my unique style incorporates and symbolizes grace, beauty, spontaneity, and a powerful inner logic inherent to this wonderful, awe-inspiring universe that we inhabit.

We all know that the artistic representation of a simple form or human body can be interpreted in a hundred different ways. That is the beauty of abstract art - the diversity of the art and the diversity of the interpretation is as limitless as the human imagination. It's a two-way creative process.

Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, my bronzes have been showcased in many of the largest and most prestigious art forums in Europe including Bazel Art, in Switzerland, and the Frankfurt Art Fair, in Germany. My art has been exhibited in every western European country, and in many others countries such as Greece, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

Private collectors of Valentin's art: Mr.Peter Stoyanov - President of Bulgaria, Mrs.Tipper Gore - wife of Vice President Al Gore, Mr. Arsenio Hall - Hollywood celebrity and actor, Mrs./Mr.Fisher art collectors - Germany, Mr. J. Clark writer and journalist for "Time Magazine" - Toronto, Canada, Mr. Robert Nicely - third generation art collector, Germany, Prof. J. Dezmolier - France, etc.

I also have been working as a sculptor in the motion picture industry for some of the most creative modern special effects houses in Hollywood, including Digital Domain and Dream Quest. I have been credited for my work in the blockbuster movies "Titanic", "Arrival", "Bicentennial Man", "Dante's Peak", and "The Fifth Element". See Valentin's full list of credits

Art History of Valentin's Artwork:

Biennale Internacionale Dell'Arte Contemoranea, Florence, third edition, Italy, December, 2001. Special Award, diploma and medal of Lorenzo il Magnifico from the President of the Biennale Prof. Pasquale Celona.

Art for Charity - third exhibition in the Historical building of the National Parliament of Bulgaria, December 2001 - January 2002. The art show was open by the Chairman of the Parliament Prof. Gerjikov and the well known art historian Dimitar Dimitrov, member of International Critic Association. Group of forty Bulgarian artist with the founder of the project Valentin since 1998 donated 50% of each sales to artists in need.

President Peter Stoyanov and First Lady Antonina Stoyanova in Los Angeles, September 4, 2000, received a unique art sculpted art piece called "Spring Spirit".

Art Share Angel Award Statue created by sculptor Valentin, Los Angeles, California. Award Recipients: Tipper Gore - wife of Vice President of the U.S.A., Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, Actor Edward Asner.

Karmelklooster Drachten - group show, 13 January - 4 February, 2001, Holland.

International Art Project - Gallery Augentrost, Dusseldorf, 16 October - 10 November, Germany.

Religious Art Festival 2000 - juried group show, Santa Monica, California.

"The Great Wall Exhibition", group show, China, October 2000.

Gallery "Systeme" - group show in, Toronto, Canada, October 2000.

Group show in gallery "Art for Share", Down Town - Los Angeles, California, September 2000

1999-2000 Represented by Gallery "Swit Ozor", Santa Barbara, California.

Interview by Julia Wegener for BBC, London.

Galerie Zundermman, Wurtzburg, Germany - One Man Show, March, 1999

One-man show at Gallerie Raphael in Frankfurt, Germany. Mr. Clemans Jokle, a well-known art historian in Germany, opened the show. Gallery Raphael has successfully represented Valentin's work for more than a decade. November 8, 1998

Member of "International Who is Who of professionals", May, 2000. The WHO'S WHO Historical Society has been documenting biographies on successful professionals since 1928. Over the years, they have evolved into a series of highly selective and prestigious international reference publications.

Member of international art project - Art Beyond Borders, founder Manfred Muller, Austria March, 2000.

Fonder of a project "Art for charity". First exhibition was open in December,1999. Works of 14 Bulgarian artist were displayed in Sofia office of Snelling - US Personal Service Company. The larger part of the money will be used for charity.

Member of Oscar winning crew for Best Special Effects for "Titanic", Hollywood, California

Screen credits as a sculptor for movies such as: "Arrival", "The Fifth Element", "Godzilla", "Dante's Peak", "Megiddo", "Bicentennial Man" and "Titanic".

President of Bulgaria Peter Stoyanov received a unique art piece "Spring Spirit" from sculptor Valentin that represented the good wishes from all Bulgarians in North America.

Listed in: World Artist Directory, ALT EXPO

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