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The Finest Custom Statues, Sculptures, and Art Services

Search through our statuary catalog with over 12,000 statues in our online art gallery. Or get a custom art quote for anything you want made beyond what you see in our current collection of existing sculptures and statuary decor art pieces. Commission us to make a custom carved marble statue or custom sculpted architectural ornamentation for you. We can make almost anything in either real marble stone, bronze, or quality hard wood using whatever artwork you supply us with and the combined abilities of our staff of archive researchers, concept artists, faux finishers, sculptors, and expert carvers. When producing custom artworks our art department primarily uses the materials/mediums: bronze and marble (which often necessitates a clay version to be generated first). Instead of a marble carving, get an original custom metal casting made in either bronze, aluminum, or welded steal plates - available as limited edition art pieces.* Hire our crew of faux finish painters to repaint your home, office, and garden statues. Or get a wood carving created as a relief, or "inthe round" (three-dimensional, 3D). We can also make any scale model imaginable with our staff of Hollywood movie model makers! From butterflies to spaceships, rockets to robots, and any building, car, or boat, and even launchpads, trains, and planes. As well as for architectural firms to present their ideas to investors and the public; And at the site dedication ceremony where the ribbon is cut next to a scaled verison of the building to go on display afterwards in the lobby.

* A bust of any person ,or other art subject, can be made in clay first and then carved into marble right next to the clay model for referrence by the carvers. This allows for more adjustments to be made to the sculpture before the concept is carved in stone, an additional fee applies for creating the additional clay sculpture.

We specialize in providing historical and classic statuary art reproductions. There are over 7,500 reproduction statuary pieces to choose from that can be painted [by our faux finish professionals] with any faux finish you desire, to look like: metal, marble, any solid color, antiquing, and other aging effects. Most of our statues and sculptures are reproduced in any of the following mediums: hydrostone, cement, fiberglass, or resin with the faux finish painting typically included in the price. Feel free to call our art department directly if you need help figuring out which statue and color is best for your particular decorative application. Our staff is amazing at statue sourcing from both our archives and using our extended contacts both in the overseas art world as well as domestically in the United States.

Our statuary is available as either an unpainted, or painted, hydrostone casting [as wells as other materials] in anything from simple colors to any metal finish you can imagine! You can also choose to have your sculpture painted with any custom faux color or texture you may need - built up in different paint layers to create the faux effect that only our staff of faux finish professionals can achieve. Many schools, colleges, and even universities use our painted, and unpainted, classic statues for their art classes, history lessons, and for individual artists to do their own art projects at school, or as homework, or for a hobby project involving working with an already sculpted art piece. Our statue collection is also great for gluing objects onto, to draw on with markers, or for painting on the surface to create a uniquely personalized work of art made by an individual, or completed as a group art project. Each reproduction is under strict quality control to minimize any imperfections that may occur. The surface of all of our statuary artworks must be refined after the casting phase has been completes and before any painting occurs. Sanding and chiseling to almost every casting is required where the seams of the mold were to achieve a smooth uninterrupted surface over the entire statuary art piece, and any random bumps are removed by by our staffas well. Finally air bubbles, or holes, that may have been created during the casting process get filled-in before the statue goes to our statuary paint booth for the final faux finishing.

Should you need a different size of statue, or statuary piece, than what you see available in our online sculpture catalog, we can sculpt it for you using our talented team of artists and sculptors. Recreating classic masterpieces is something we've done many times before from our work recreating Alexander the Great to enlarging the Hercules and Diamedes sculpture and even a custom enlargement of the Venus Di Milo. To enhance the presentation of a masterpiece we also make custom bases within any size parameters you require - at a museum level of display standard. Use any pre-existing columns, or dispay stands, from our collection of economical cast reproductions in hydrostone, painted in any faux finish of your choice - or made as a real marble carved column (fill out a custom art quote form for more info).

Browse our carved marble sculptures in our catalog of over 4,500 marble statuary pieces. We can custom carve out of marble a new design, or one based on a classical subject - depending on your art preferrences. We make only the best real marble carvings in the form of busts, heads, male and female full-figure statues, land and sea animals, mythical creatures, water fountains, and architectural elements like columns, fireplaces, staircases, hand railing, doorways, gazebos, benches, sinks, bathtubs, urns, planters, and even grave markers and head stones, and much more!

Marble and Granite Color Options

Considered as a custom original artwork, a one-off marble carving can be created from a basic picture, or sketch art, that you give to our art department before commencing. Instead of having the marble artwork carved from beginning to end without your input, or if very fine adjustments are required for the sculpture to turn out according to exact specifications, then it may be best to start the sculpture as a clay [or plasticine, to be more precise] maquette, aka a sculptor's model, so that any modifications to the artwork can be made before it is "cast in stone," as the saying goes. After the intitial clay sculpture is finished and approved (where it is easier to make any changes in this particular medium) the marble carving process can then begin with full confidence. However, for a clay sculpture to be made, in addition to the marble carving, there is an extra fee - since technically it would result in two sculptures that must be made: one sculpted in clay, the other carved in marble. Often, our clients opt to skip the clay version and have our carvers go directly to chiseling the marble carving out saving time and money.

Using only a photo, or drawing, our sculpting team can make a bronze, aluminum, weled steal, or copper plated custom sculpted artwork for you from start to finish. Whether you are looking to have a portrait made of an important person from history, you need a custom trophy award, or you want an outdoor metal statue for your estate garden, our staff of artists and custom sculptors can custom sculpt and cast your artwork in any standard metal while keeping you informed throughout the entire process via pictures and regular updates - making you an active participant in the creation of an artistic masterpiece! Castings in bronze and other metals are available with standard patinas, as limited edition art pieces. Typical subjects for a bronze statue include: the head, a bust, torso, full-figure statue, torso, hand, foot, etc.

Real Cast Bronze Patinas
Bronze with a classic aged patina
Bronze with a realistic multi-colored patina
Bronze with verdigris antiquing

Fake Bronze Options
Hydrostone casting with a faux bronze painted finish
Resin casting with a bronze powder coating
Fiberglass casting with a faux bronze painted finish
Cement casting with a faux bronze painted finish with [rebarr reinforcement upon request]

Other Metals
Aluminum casting of a clay sculpture (available textures: polished, or rough)
Copper plated sculpture with an internal armature [like the statue of liberty]
Welded steal sculpture from sections of sheet metal

We also offer custom cast aluminum sculpture services where we can be make the aluminum shine with a brilliant metallic polish that is naturally corrission resistant, and we can give the aluminum statue a rough unfinished surface texture combined with a dark stain to create an antiquing, or aged, effect. Welded steal sculptures are also available in a wide range of life-sized animals and mythical creatures like the pegasus, dragons, horses, bull, lion, eagle, and dinosaurs including: brontosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus rex, t-rex.

At, our expert wood carvers have been known for their exquisite talent for carving almost any creation out of wood. The types of wood we carve with regularly are rosewood, rain tree, ebony, walnut, mahogany, and redwood for laser etching applications. Using a high quality cross-section of a redwood tree [or other fine grain wood] a computer graphic file / image can be laser etched into the wood for amazing contrast and visual results. Our custom wood carving and related carved wood art services include: custom wood statues, full-size statues in wood, wood relief carvings, wooden coat of arms, custom family crests and shields, carved murals in relief, company logos in wood, fraternity plaque carvings, sorority shields, organization symbols, carved school mascot emblems, wood animal carvings, business signs carved in wood, custom carved wood signs, custom wood plaque art, and carved wood sculptural masterpieces. We can also create a custom wood mantel, a throne, classical benches, chairs for royalty, a ruler's seat, matching wood chairs (each custom chair can be ordered as a set of 4, 6, or 8 dining table chairs). We also supply custom carved wood artworks to medieval themed restaurants, high-end chinese food restaurants, and other businesses and luxurious homes with unique one-of-a-kind carved wood furniture pieces with custom sculptures to match.

Eastern inspired and mythical themed custom wood carvings are also available such as dragons of all sizes and forms including: a trunk (or chest), coffee table base, cabinet doors with dragons, large dragon statues for niche displays, 3 headed dragons, serpent dragons, dinosaur dragons, winged (and unwinged) varieties of dragons, etc. We also make custom walking canes and carved walking staffs with dragonson them - and any other animal, person, decorative, ornamental, or peroid theme you want on a carved cane or staff that suites your individual artistic tastes. Fill out a custom art request form to get a quote for what its going to take to get your idea for a custom wood carving brought into reality!

We also resource African wood carvings (upon special request) with our numerous South African art connections we can get almost any tribal artwork imaginable and it no longer requires a journey across the world for you. With our direct overseas African art contacts we can acquire everything from carved walking canes, to large African witchdoctor and tribal carvings, rare log heads, stone carvings, and even tribal masks from almost any village on the African continent.

Typically our portrait sculptures are made of athletes, sports figures, organizational leaders, company founders, presidents, historical figures, loved ones, etc. We make busts in any scale, from small to oversized, often only the head, bust, or a full-figure statue isrequested by our clients - at the larger-than-life scale (a 25% enlargement) or figurine trophy size. Usually the body of a person will need to be fully sculpted in the case of a body builder, an athelete, or for a nude figure; As was often the case with the classical style of sculpture art. However, for uses where the subject will be shown, and on display fully clothed, only the head, neck, and hands may actually need to be sculpted - essentially this would be a wax museum style portrait. The rest of the body's volume will be roughly and quickly sculpted in a relatively inexpensive material to hold the form of the majority of the body shape so that the clothes can be draped over the figure. Clothing on a statue portrait gives it almost the same look as if the entire body had been sculpted from top to bottom. Wax museum style portraits save a great deal of time and money, while keeping the quality highest for the important parts of the portrait sculpture, like the face and the bust.

Economical compared to bronze and just as classy, a marble carving can be custom carved for you, as a one-off; Otherwise, a clay artwork will usually have to be sculpted first, then a silicon rubber mold made, plus casting of the sculpture, finishing work to the surface, and any smoothing or texturing that must be done by our expert faux painters. Afterwards, a casting of the art piece can be made in a relatively inexpensive material like hydrostone, durable cement, lightweight fiberglass, strong resin, or wax to be used to make a real bronze metal casting.

In addition to marble carvings, cast bronze, or other portrait sculpture mediums we offer portrait drawing as well as portrait painting services where you get to choose the artist you want to commission to make an artwork for you based on recent examples of their previous works of art so you know what type of results to expect. Review a few of our top artists and pick an artist that is already actively creating the type of art that you want your portrait to look like. Select from a wide array of art styles including: ink pen art, graphic illustration, monotone painting, watercolor, oil, etc.

Our staff of professional faux painters can paint almost anything that our clients request like statues, sculptures, columns, molding, cabinets, desks, or interior walls. Like the Renaissance painters, our various faux painting effects are applied to artworks and home interiors by building up multiple layers of paint. Here is a list of our top 30 faux painting finishes [starting with the metallic colors]: antique bronze finish, antique copper finish, antique silver, verdigris bronze antiquing, brass antiquing, bronze antiquing, copper antiquing, gold leaf antiquing, silver with antiquing, faux brass burnish, faux bronze burnish, faux copper burnish, faux silver burnish, gold leafing. For faux marble colors we offer: black-white faux marble, green-black faux marble, beige faux marble, peach faux marble, red faux marble, travertine faux marble, white faux marble*, salmon faux marble. Regarding earth tones we paint the following textures: sandstone, white-beige antiquing, and plain white. Our faux wood finishes include: cherry wood faux finish, neutral wood faux finish, oak wood faux finish, dark walnut faux finish, light walnut finish, ebony wood faux finish.

Faux Finish Color Options

Any of our faux painted effects can be applied to any of the sculptures from our collection of reproduction statues with a catalog listing of over 7,500 statuary art pieces. Our faux painting servies can also be useful for custom trophy awards produced in small quantities and distributed annually at your awards ceremony. Faux painting also goes incredibly well with architectural ornamentation such as: molding, trim, base boards, interior walls, medallions, columns, corbels, wall shelves, library book shelving, niches, pedestals, urns, interior kitchen cabinets, exterior storage cabinets in your garage (or laundry room), for refinishing your office desk, living room coffee table repainting, and dining table legs can be repainted and restored. The custom exterior faux painting services we do include repainting: staircase railings, patio railings, exterior walls, doors, door frames, door trim, front doorways, water fountains, structural and ornamental columns, and any other existing statuary items you may already have in your home or outside in your garden. We will redo anything that you need to be repainted and brought back to life with our extensive array of custom faux finishes.

* The top selling painted faux finish is the [classic] white marble.

We have made many trophy award statues, and trophy size bronze sculptures, for the U.S. Soccer Federation, The National Basketball Association (NBA), NCAA, Madison Square Garden, Norwalk Raceways, The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, California Governor Arnold Swarzenegger, CNN broadcasts, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in Pasadena, USC alumni, college and university sororieties and fraternities, movie and television companies, artistic directors, and for many private art collectors worldwide. When you need a custom award, trophy, or plaque to celebrate and recognize a special person, a personal or team achievement, is the place to go for custom designed awards that are perfect for every occasion. Custom trophy awards are a unique way to recognize and honor someone, or a group or people, for their valiant efforts. Our team of in-house sculptors, faux finishers, artists, and craftsmen have decades of experience designing and creating masterful one-of-a-kind trophy awards that are personalized to your exact specifications*. There are many options for you to choose from for creating the perfect engraved award, trophy statue, or customplaque to honor excellence in all its many forms. We help people get their custom awards designed and actually made into reality. Pick your award material, scale of the trophy, and custom engraved plaque wording, and much more.

Real Bronze Trophy Award Services
Mascot based trophy creation service
Custom bronze trophy on a stone base (like marble).

Faux Bronze Trophy Awards Options
Resin casting painted to look like real bronze, mounted on a black acrylic base
Hydrostone casting painted to like real faux bronze, with the base included
Clay sculpture molded and cast in fiberglass, then professionally painted to look like bronze

Custom Awards Engraving Services
Engraved plaque on a trophy base
Plaque with custom etching in stone with a transparent acrylic cover plate

Many of the custom trophies we produceare used as scholastic and academic achievement awards, recognition plaques, athletic season awards, MVP trophies, personalized custom bronze trophy service with jersey numbers, corporate excellence awards,sales goal awards, employee of the year award, county fair awards, coaching trophy,award for outstanding work in the community, community service hours award, donor appreciation gift, building dedication ceremony awards, musical performance competition award, talent show awards, and end of the year school club related awards. In adddition, we make custom trophy awards for the following sports: football, cheerleading, rubgy, little league baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, golf, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, swimming, lacrosse, x-games, track and field, cross country running, marathons, ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding, horse racing, dancing, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, rowing, martial arts, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, mountain bike racing, cycling, table tennis (ping-pong), badminton, cricket, skate boarding, figure skating, rollerblading, etc.

* Two to three revisions are included in the normal process of completing a custom art project. Anything beyond three revisions may be considered as an extra revision. Revisions, or working edits to the artwork, are made while the sculptor is working directly with the clay art version.

SCALE MODELS is your best choice for providing you with precise custom scale models and replicas, life-size statue props, any unique design you have can be made, or a pre-existing concept that you may need custom replicated. We are a full service production company specializing in designing, creating, and building custom scale model projects for personal collectors as well as for commercial, theme parks, museums, and thespecial effects film industry. We have provided scale models, movie props, special effects and concert elements for major companies, corporations, movie studios, and museums.

Make your engineering concept, custom prototype, or invention become a reality with the help of our staff of movie industry, theme park specialists, set designers, and custom model makers. We create everything from scaled models to boats, submarines, airplanes, cars, trucks, tractors, trains, helicopters, architectural models, famous buildings, or historical monuments from around the world. Our staff of model makers are available to consult with you and give you any assistance in designing the layout for your unique project, theme park, scaled buildings, models, and other engineering feats. As a prime example, we fabricate architectural models of scaled buildings, and other structures, that are perfect for the opening ceremony or dedication of a building naming the top donors who helped pay for, fund, and contribute to the successful construction with their philanthropy.

In addition to historic models, our team of model makers also create sci-fi movie props, mechanical robots, futuristic cars, ufo's, space props, space ships, etc. Just provide us with the blueprints, or schematics, of any building, prototype, or concept and our staff of model fabricators will create a professional scaled model for you.

For scaled animals we have many animatronic replicas of different species of butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles, birds, and mammals - currently in-stock. If you are looking to have an artificial animal specially made to order, or custom modified in any way, we provide these and also many other custom replica services. Our replicated animals continue to have smoothly functioning animatronics parts, even after may years of constant use. We provide some of the most realistic animal replicas when it comes to matching the colors, size [or scale], realistic movements, and reliability of the hardware. Our insects selection includes over two dozen species of butteflies, moths, and dragonflies with UV protected wings so that once you plug them in they will flap constantly for years to come at the same flutter rate as the first day you bought them. Larger sizes of artificial insects are also available for hotel lobby exhibits, nature arrangements, art or history museums, science centers, and zoo butterfly displays. Any custom wing that you need we can have an artificial animatronic replica made of with the help of our graphics department and our unique irridescent metallic wing printing process. For the wing image you can use either a quality stock photo to make your wing, custom artwork, or an actual dried specimen can be photographed directly with the right lighting to produce the best final results.

Our professional level art restoration and art repair services include: statue cleaning, sculpture installation, expert statue movers, minor statuary touchup, and complete statue replacement. In addition, if you need to have your statues moved for a proper concrete foundation to be layed so the statue can be put back afterwards raised up above the ground to a more comfortable level protected from the elements. Call or email our staff of restoration experts to get a quote for what its going to take to repair or upgrade your art.

Sign-up as a reseller by filling out a wholesale application and thereafter view our complete wholesale pricing online. Due to our close relationships with sculptors from across the world, and the nature of statuary business itself, we are given some of the best quantity discount available that we share with our clients, especially for real marble carvings. Qualify for discount pricing on your wholesale statuary purchases when you order a bulk amount of product. Additional discounts are also avalaible based on different wholesale price breaks for the statue reproductions, carved marble, metal art, trophies, and scale models.

Because of our constant direct contact with marble carvers, sculptors, and wood workers our experienced staff has become very efficient in managing the creation, acquisition, and distribution of quality works of art. Art has its own process, timing, and internal [as well as outside/external] influences which must be respected to produce the best possible artistic masterpiece. Working with artists on a daily basis is our specialty!


Greek and Roman Painting Styles Continue into the Present Day
Rome, appealing to all social classes from slaves to gladiators all the way up to the emperor himself. The popularity of Roman chariot racing is reflected in the many Roman household items that were decorated with valiant charioteer racing motifs. Roman slaves were often made into charioteers (called aurigae or agitatores), or gladiators, who fought for their freedom with the aid of a team of horses, a chariot and perhaps some armor. Notice the Trojan mohawk on the helmet of the chariot driver statue.

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